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Pay Per Click

Pay Per Click  (PPC) is a form of advertising where you essentially ‘buy’ visits to your website. The most common form of PPC is google adwords and it can be extremely effective if you want more leads quickly. Each time your advert is clicked on and the visitor sent to your website or landing page,  you pay a fee to google. The fee paid  (bid) depends on the quality of the page the visitor is sent to, the competition, and how relevant your ad is according to google.

A well run PPC campaign can bring excellent results, but it is also very easy to waste money through poorly run campaigns. Yo could end up paying far too much for your ‘bids’ with each click costing more than it needs to. We are PPC experts and work closely with a highly regarded google partner to ensure we get you the most relevant people clicking your ad  for the lowest cost.

Pay Per Click

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