CabinetM today announced the launch of LibraryM, a martech resource website. The initial iteration comprises a series of directories listing, among other things, news sources, experts, thought-leaders and communities, career information and further reading. It also lists martech directories where vendors can claim and manage their profiles, including some which are arguably CabinetM competitors like G2 and TrustRadius.

The front page aggregates news headlines from a number of sources, including MarTech Today and Search Engine Land, but CabinetM co-founder and CEO Anita Brearton told us: “”We have no interest in being in the news business but we are interested in pointing people to the news.”

She also said, in a release: “As the pandemic hit, we looked at how we could contribute to the industry in a meaningful way. As we did our analysis, we realized there were many valuable resources available already, but our customers didn’t have the time to search and seek them out.”

CabinetM was created in 2015 as a directory site focused specifically on martech. It added stack audit and management capabilities, workbooks and other resources, and for a time offered a blog with original content and news aggregated from other sources. LibraryM signposts a broader set of resources than the former blog, and is designed to serve marketing, sales and revenue operations professionals.

This story first appeared on MarTech Today.

Read the original article here.

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