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FIGHTING FRAUD. A new study from Valiamil on DMARC usage and success found that spoof attempts drop to nearly zero “within a few months after that domain moves to DMARC enforcement.” Nearly 80% of inboxes worldwide and almost all U.S. email providers use machine learning to analyze DMARC policies of incoming email, generally enforcing whatever policy was laid out by the owner of the domain. Why we care: Thousands of domain owners haven’t configured enforcement policies, which dictates how many inboxes handle an email. If your DMARC policies are not being enforced, inboxes could be rejecting or quarantining your emails. Source: Valimail

A CREATIVE CONNECTION. Adobe and Google Cloud have announced a joint effort to increase share accessibility to creative assets through email. The G Suite add-on will give Adobe users access to apps such as Creative Cloud directly from Gmail and can be used on any device. Why we care: Tasks like sharing links to creative assets with external teams or stakeholders can create headaches. Cloud solutions and collaboration tools might be all the rage right now, but email remains at the heart of how companies operate. New integrations like this only prove that email is evolving — not dead. Source: Adobe

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