TAKEOVER. Cognizant this week said it plans to buy Lev, an Indianapolis-based consultant that is focused on Salesforce Marketing Cloud training. Why we care. The intricacies of major stack pillars like Salesforce can make or break your department. Consultants aren’t new, but takeovers like this by major firms just reiterate the demand. Source: Cognizant

STEP BY STEP. Awards platform vendor Openwater has published a video that walks those of us who are scrambling to pull together quick virtual replacements for live events. The guide is based heavily on using Zoom as a meeting platform, but it is fairly comprehensive and walks folks through organizing and executing a virtual event. Why we care. We recently looked at the explosion in demand for virtual events platforms, but the model highlighted here shows how you can quickly get one done if you don’t have time to evaluate a more robust platform. Source: Openwater

WHO CAN THINK OF MARTECH AT A TIME LIKE THIS? Can you imagine trying to completely transform your stack in the midst of a global crisis. Well, that’s what CDP company Exponea has done, and maybe they are onto something. “To transform our martech stack in preparation for the new demands of a post-pandemic world, gives us the ‘red thread’ to come together across 3 continents and more than 40 ‘offices,’” wrote CMO Amanda Elam in a post on LinkedIn about her company’s switch to Hubspot. Why we care. It’s hard not to care when you read Elam’s battle cry at the top of the post. “If we have learned anything from the speed at which our lives have changed, it is that we cannot allow our ability to respond to be limited by our ability to execute due to outdated technology,” she said. Hear … hear. Source: Amanda Elam via LinkedIn

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