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Project Description

Project Brief

Only Contract Jobs is a jobs site for contractors looking for new jobs. The client needed a  specialist jobs site which also operated as a news and information hub.

The Challenge

Having studied many job sites , we soon found that some were very user friendly and others were hard to navigate around. The jobs board need to work well for both job seekers and recruiters to buy and add jobs to. We also needed to combine it with an information hub without taking away the feel of the site being a job site for contractors.

The Solution

Building an excellent job site is complex and we asked a specialist job board builder to work with us on this project. The client wanted the site to have a highly professional feel and yet be distinctive, and  the theme colours we chose reflected this. Job sites have many pages, and the build took 3 months from start to finish. The site had to be easy to navigate for job seekers, and every page directed at recruiters had to have a very strong sales message. In addition, the back end needed to be very slick with separate log ins for recruiters and job seekers, with access to their own dashboards. The site needed  e- commerce added and be able to take card payments easily. Finally the admin part of the site needed to be easy to operate by the client. The news page was added in as a wordpress blog, and we supply news articles once a week.

Once the site was finished we started a marketing campaign across social media, concentrating on Linkedin and twitter. We also send out mass mail shots to their contractor data base every couple of weeks,  advertising the latest jobs on the site and encouraging contractors to add their CV’s. The number of contractors adding their CV’s to the site is growing rapidly and we continue to do all their marketing for them.

Branding & Development

Website Development

Professional Feel
Separate dashboards once logged in
E commerce

Logo Design

Eye Catching

Business Card Design

Striking Colors
High Quality
Clear Sales Message

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