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Project Description

Project Brief

The Contractor Support Network needed a slick e commerce website to sell a multi part service to Contractors. They also wanted to use the website to sell additional hidden products which are sold via an email link to accountants. In addition they needed a full marketing service,  a logo and business cards.

The Challenge

Firstly we took time to understand their market as it is quite specialised. We examined the market place they operate in, looking at competitors and worked out the most effective way to advertise their services for the maximum return. We produced a marketing plan, showing the client how we expected the business to grow over the first 6 months.

The Solution

Firstly we designed the logo, giving it a slightly corporate feel, and designed and produced the business cards.  Next was the website build, ensuring the site was easy to use,  with strong calls to action. Ww built a secure online directory which is password protected so only subscribers have access.

The site is  responsive,  with an obvious and simple way to join the subscription service using a credit card. We added in Woo Commerce, linking it to Stripe, the clients’ payment provider. We also added an RSS feed for news, a newsletter sign up form, and a link to an affiliate site for additional specialist services.

Once the site was built, we started marketing the service. The client had a good mailing list so we imported it into our own system and designed and sent mail shots to contractors. We also send out regular news bulletins to current clients. We also utilise social media, especially linkedin and twitter, and do occasional adword (PPC) campaigns. From analysing Google analytics, we can see the site visitors is growing fast, and the number of subscribers is growing so quickly the client has taken on an additional member of staff to cope with the volume of work.

Branding & Development

Website Development

E commerce
Multi Service
Fully Responsive

Logo Design

Corporate Feel

Business Card Design

Clear Message
Premium Finish
Sales Points

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