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The most common form of PPC is Google AdWords and it can be extremely effective if you want more leads quickly. It is a highly effective form  of advertising, whether you are looking for customers very local to you, or need global reach.

Each time your advert is clicked, the visitor is sent to your nominated landing page, and you pay a fee to Google. The fee paid  (bid) depends on the quality of the page the visitor is sent to, the competition, and how relevant your ad is according to Google.

Campaign Management

A well run PPC campaign can bring excellent results, but it is also very easy to waste money through poorly run campaigns. You could end up paying far too much for your ‘bids’ with each click costing more than it needs to.

You can, of course, do all this yourself, and Google will even assist you, but it is VERY easy to waste money unnecessarily by unknowingly setting up a weak campaign. You will end up paying well over the odds for each click as well as receive many clicks which are totally irrelevant to your product or service. The desired results after the user has clicked through to your web page or landing page will subsequently be much reduced.

Why use Salepath Digital? 

We are Google certified advanced PPC experts and we will  set up a new campaign for you,  or turn one around if you are not getting the results you want.  Once set up, we constantly monitor and tweak your adwords campaign for maximum efectiveness. It is not unusual for clients to actually save money when they use us, as the cost of our fees is more than offset by the much reduced, but more effective, adword spend!

Did you know:

An average return of 2:1 is made by businesses using Google AdWords.

PPC Landing Page Optimisation

The page users land on after clicking your advert must be highly optimised for the PPC campaign if you are to gain maximum conversions, whether that is selling a product, service, or gathering leads.  We are specialist PPC landing page developers and will ensure that once your page is landed on, we will steer them to take the required action. We can also make changes to any current web pages you have if that is to be used as the landing page.

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