Quora on Wednesday announced two new features in its ad platform designed to help advertisers measure and attribute conversions: Advanced Match and Conversions Windows.

Advanced match. This new tool allows advertisers to modify the Quora Pixel code to match secure, hashed emails with more website conversions from Quora Ads. The major benefit is that advertisers will be able to better follow conversion actions across multiple devices when there is no tracking cookie present. Here’s how it looks in Quora’s Ads Manager:

Source: Quora.

Conversion windows. To give businesses a better understanding of their customer journeys, Quora’s new Conversion Windows allows advertisers to indicate how long after an ad interaction a conversion can be counted.

Advertisers can indicate a 1-90 day click-through or a 1-30 day view-through. If advertisers choose not to specify the conversion windows, Quora’s current defaults of a 28-day click-through, 1-day view-through will apply.

Why we care. The ‘Advanced Match’ tool enables advertisers to leverage their customer data to more accurately track conversions from their Quora campaigns. The feature is especially beneficial for businesses with complex sales cycles or a higher cost per acquisition as it provides a more accurate understanding of acquisition performance and volume. Likewise, the conversion window feature will allow advertisers to better customize attribution for their conversion cycles.

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