Blueconic, the customer data platform, last week announced enhancements to its customer lifecycle orchestration capabilities. The improvements are aimed at making messaging responsive to customers at any point in their journey, rather than responsive to channel-based campaigns.

The enhanced capabilities are designed to help marketers leverage cross-channel touch-points relevant to each stage of defined customer life-cycles.

Why the changes matter, WEHCO Media had been a Blueconic customer since 2017. We reached out to Amanda Hamilton, marketing manager at WEHCO Media, to gauge the significance of the changes.

“Blueconic really is the backbone of all our marketing and communications,” she said. “We use it to manage all touch-points across all these different channels.” The drawback had been not being able to manage the messaging all in one place. “With the new UI,” she said, “we can look at it across all of our channels.”

Personalizing across all channels. WEHCO Media’s channels include websites for nine daily newspapers, plus several weeklies, email (managed through Campaign Monitor), direct mail (managed through Postalytics), as well as purchase flow websites. There are plans to roll out mobile apps which will also be tied to Blueconic data. “We’re now able to see the full picture of an individual across all of our touch-points,” said Hamilton: this enables cross-channel orchestration of individualized messaging at different stages of the customer lifecycle.

This includes:

  • Delivering personalized content to first-time subscribers to email newsletters, based on interest signals;
  • Offering subscriptions tailored to interest expressed by behavior;
  • Alerting subscribers to coming features related to their interests;
  • Offering new newsletters related to their interests.

Hamilton told us that testing is underway to serve personalized ads on the websites, based on Blueconic data.

Blueconic is one of 23 CDP vendors evaluated in our updated Customer Data Platforms: A Marketer’s Guide. Most vendors offer orchestration capabilities.

Why we care. The CDP sector is still evolving at a rapid pace, with most vendors offering orchestration capabilities. This reflects a post-channel sensibility, with messaging determined by the customer’s behavior, rather than by a commitment to run specific campaigns in specific channels.

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