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Email Marketing

Email marketing can be highly effective as a form of converting prospects into customers. After all, most of us are flooded with emails from mass mailing lists every day from very large organisations. They know the power of email marketing and use it to great effect. There are several factors to take into consideration if you are to be successful. Firstly the system you are using to send the emails must be robust and have an opt out button. The subject line is absolutely vital – if use a ‘spammy’ word or just a weak subject and the open rate will be very low. Most of the emails will end up in junk. Content does not have to be massive – but there must be plenty of calls to action to encourage the reader to click through. Finally once they click through to your website, the information must be relevant with further calls to action.

We send mailshots to over a million prospects a month for our clients and we know how to get results.

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Salepath Digital do all our email marketing for us and we get the majority of our leads from it. We love Tuesdays as it is the day Salepath Digital send out the mailshot and our sales guys know they are going to get some really nice leads in!