Search Engine Optimisation, or ‘SEO’  is any activity that is carried out to try and improve search engine ranking.

SEO is often seen as a dark art and hugely complicated. Many people think it is something to do with ‘meta tags on websites’ and that is about it. In fact, SEO is far more than that. It is what you do to show Google that your web page is relevant and an authority on the particular search term the user has typed into the search bar.  If you can show that you are, when potential customers type relevant search terms into google, your site will appear high in the rankings.


Great SEO takes a lot of work and is not something that happens overnight. You need good, relevant website content, using relevant keywords on every page (the sort of keywords your potential customers will type into google), and lots of GOOD and trustworthy links into your site, from other sites and by extensive use of social media platforms. You should publish regular blogs on your site with interesting news items to enhance the authority you have on your subject.

We help our clients achieve great SEO. From keywords to blogs to social media to links, we will do everything possible to give your web pages  authority and relevance with  Google.

Did you know:

The average first-page result on Google contains 1,890 words.

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