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Torsion Consulting have significant numbers of consultants available across many sectors and disciplines so they can quickly and effectively put together teams for their clients.

The Metrics

Project Details

  • Built Using WordPress

  • 5 Week Turnaround

  • HTML5, CSS3, PHP, Javascript, jQuery


  • Full Intranet Included in build

  • 3 Second Load Time

  • GDPR compliant forms


Torsion approached us looking for website that they could both channel their existing consultants for information via their portal, as well as attracting new consultants to join their team. This also required a user dashboard to be developed where contractors could easily edit their profiles that are sent off to clients.

Torsion Consulting also needed full branding developed,  a mailshot campaign, social media channels set up and branded merchandise for contractors and trade shows.

In addition,  they asked us to source, produce and monitor the results for a high end advertising campaign with suitable partners.


We initially developed all branding and then moved onto the front end of the website where information could be shown to attract new consultants to join the business. Once complete, we began working on the portal, boasting automatic url shortening and expiration and an ‘online bookshelf’ of their for their resources.

We set up all social media channels, running some campaigns ourselves on their behalf, but in addition we trained their staff to manage part of the social media mix themselves. We also sourced and designed web advertising banners, negotiated contracts and placing the advertising on high traffic contractor websites.

We also sourced, designed and negotiated prices for  ‘high end’ branded merchandise for the client.

Client Feedback

Lucy Fell


We took a long time deciding who to award the website build to, but Salepath Digital were the outright winner as not only did they really know what they were talking about with websites, they also offer many other marketing services which we needed to use. They were the only company who took a lot of time really making sure they understood ‘us’ and our ethos. Our website is in 2 parts – the part everyone can see and a large internal secure intranet which they built for us from scratch. We have ended up using Salepath Digital for not only the initial branding and website build, which were are really happy with, but PPC, mail shots, instagram, brochures, marketing materials (mugs/pens etc!!!) business cards, banners and just about anything else you can think of!! They really are an extension of our business and are a pleasure to deal with. Nothing is ever too much trouble and they always do what they say they will do, on time too!! Very happy with them and we hope to continue to work with them for many years to come.

Salepath Digital put our idea into a brilliant working website. We knew what we wanted but it was quite hard to articulate, but they came up with several ideas around a theme and in a short time we had the beginnings of a fully functioning e commerce website. From start to finish it only took a few weeks work and we were  really impressed by the dedication this guys have and their desire to make the client really happy.  After 2 years with the initial website we introduced some changes to our services and they suggested a new look might be an idea – it was more of a tweak than a total change but we love it!  We have a busy subscription service with people signing up all the time, and large member only customer directory on the site so it needs to be very robust and secure. The integration with the payment processing area works seamlessly and if we ever have an issue , the team are always willing to help, whatever time it is. You don’t get that much these days and we are very grateful for what they do for us. They also design and send mail shots out for us each week and customer feedback on this is always positive.

We had a website built using Wix and to be honest it looked a bit homemade. It brought in virtually no traffic and as we were a new young brand selling electric bikes we needed to do something quickly to get the brand moving.  Salepath Digital were brilliant and managed to build the website from scratch in a week – it has worked really well with the PPC campaigns they have done for us, bringing in tons of leads. The shopping cart area works really well and to date we have never had a glitch. We really liked the way they showed us how to make changes ourselves so now we make small changes while anything really big is still done by Salepath Digital. Anyone who wants an electric bike – you know where to come!

We asked Salepath Digital to come up with a brand new marketing strategy. This involved a new name, logo, website, branding and marketing. Wow! We were blown away by what they did for us and we are really proud of our brand ‘The Whipped Cat’. We would NEVER have though of such a name and the logo is genius! We get a great many  glowing comments from our clients about our website and branding and it is all down to Salepath Digital.  They really listened to what we were about and then turned that into something everyone loves! They also run successful PPC campaigns, mail shots and snail mail campaigns for us, all of which go down very well with our customers. Thanks Guys!!

We asked Salepath Digital to overhaul our website as it needed a fresh new look. We also wanted some sort of easy booking system added when we run events at Framlingham  Technology Centre. Salepath were great, quickly coming up with a design we all loved and suggesting which booking system would be best for us and our clients. They also integrated it for us with the payment processing platform and it works perfectly. They also designed a meeting room booking form and now a good number of bookings come in via the website, which works really well for us. Overall we are delighted!

Salepath Digital gave us a complete new look both for the website and in overhauling our marketing strategy.  Our old website looked ok but it was far too wordy, not working at converting visitors. Salepath Digital developed a brand new website with a new look, which we love. As well as getting far more leads from the much better designed website, we can now show loads of ‘before’ and ‘after’ images of work we have done, from broken basins, to new kitchen worktops to transformed Agas. They also designed our new van decals which look great! On the marketing side they help us with our mailshots, showing us what works best, and we now manage our own. They run very cost effective ppc adwords campaigns for us which bring us plenty of leads, and do a great job on the social media side – I love the videos Wendy puts together and her constant enthusiasm is infectious!! We continue to work with them and they are always so helpful and ready to offer advice when we need it.

Sara Higgins


We were very particular about the ‘look’ we wanted for the Think Miracle Website. The Salepath Digital team were extremely patient with us as we did change our minds quite a lot, but we could not be happier with the end result. The website is working really well for us and we love the daily inspirational messages they were able to automatically set up for us to our growing database. The e commerce shop has turned out much better than expected too and just seems to work brilliantly. All in all it has been a very positive experience working with Julia, Pete, Wendy and Emma and we will continue to work with them for a long time to come on all aspects of our marketing.

Mark Elliot


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