How to build a successful ambassador marketing campaign

Ambassador Marketing can be a great way to reach your target audience. People trust people, they trust reviews, they trust companies they already know and are, therefore, when there is so much choice out there, people are looking for recommendations from people or places they can trust. When building an ambassador marketing campaign its important to consider the following:

Set goals
Before you do any kind of campaign it’s important to outline what you want to get out of it. Do you want to raise awareness, increase sales or boost engagement? Make sure you have a clear goal before you even look for or speak to a potential ambassador, as your goals could change who you want to work with.

Find the right ambassador
Brand ambassadors don’t have to be what you would typically see as ‘Instagram influencers’ – if this won’t suit your brand then you need to find what will. This could be a thought leader, an author, a podcaster, a blogger or a YouTuber. Make sure you do your research, have a look around for someone who has the same values as your company and someone who your customers would trust.

Make video content top of the list
When you’re planning content with your ambassador, then video should be a priority. Video reels and TikTok videos are extremely popular and if you want to get people’s attention then this is the way to go.

Build relationships with ambassadors
When you find an ambassador you enjoy working with and one that it good for your brand, then build a relationship with them so that you can use them again in future. Having an ambassador for a one-off post or video won’t have as much impact as doing regular posts with the same ambassador. Consistency is key and will also enforce that your chosen ambassador believes in your product or company, therefore garnering more trust from followers and potential customers.

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