Owning your own business these days means wearing many different hats – from managing the finances, to recruitment and HR to doing your own job. In the digital era, however, there’s another very important job that needs to be done: social media.

If you’re thinking that you don’t have time for social media or that it won’t be relevant for your business, then think again. Not only is social media an essential tool for virtually any successful business, but it can also be a hugely helpful asset which should be seen as free aide to help with your business, rather than a chore. Here are just three of the many key ways social media can help transform your business.

Increasing brand visibility
Today, there is no better way to get your brand out to people than through social media. For many, social media is where they go to get their news, to shop and for entertainment. If your company isn’t on there, then how will your potential audience find you when they’re scrolling through their feed? Being active and prominent on social media gives potential customers a chance to notice you by getting you out there and in front of them.

Improving website traffic
When you share content on social media, not only can you engage a new and wider audience, but you can also exponentially increase traffic to your website. By regularly and strategically linking to your website on social media, you will get more people that are interested in your products or services clicking through to find out more, ultimately helping drive sales up

However, it’s not just about putting links and ads out there. You can also draw attention to your company by interacting with others on social media, getting involved in discussions and showing people what your brand is all about.

Engaging your audience
Chances are the bulk of your existing and potential customer base will already be on social media. Therefore, it is another platform you can use to talk to them. Social media allows you to engage with your customers directly and find out what they’re saying about you or the industry you’re in. Social media is a great place to get feedback from consumers, get to know them, get ideas for new products or services that might appeal to them and keep them up to date with what your company is doing.

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